सोमवार, 14 मई 2007

बात कुछ ऎसी हैं

A - Always depend on Shirdi Sri Sai
B - Bear insult, near injury
C - Control the tongue
D - Do not cheat anybody
E - Evil company is dangerous
F - Fear nothing
G - Give, give, give. Shirdi Sri Sai will Love, Love, Love
H - Helping others is virtue
I - Injury is vice
J - Japa is your coat of arms
K - Knowledge is the fruit
L - Live for others
M - Mind deceives, beware
N - Now is the best time to utilize
O - Overcome grief by liberality
P - Pure mind is your friend
Q - Quietness will lead you to progress
R - Recite the name of Shirdi Sri Sai
S - Speak sweetly, speak softly
T - To love is to Serve
U - Understand yourself
V - Virtue is the staff of life
W - Within you is bliss
X - [E]xert yourself for Good
Y - Your treasure is Shirdi Sri Sai
Z - Zero has no value, if not attached to a unit. So life has no value if not attached to Shirdi Sri Sai.

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